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The Psychedelic Counselor Newsletter


Summer 2021

This issue contains articles on theories used in psychedelic-assisted therapy, social justice issues in the psychedelic renaissance, reflections on professional growth through use of psychedelics, and an interview with Dr. Bill Richards, author of Sacred Knowledge.

Spring 2021

In our inaugural newsletter, we provide a overview of various psychedelic drugs, review Michael Pollan's How to Change your Mind, and an introduction to the concept of psychedelic integration.

Explore issues related to stigma and risk reduction in this issue as well as learn about ketamine and ibogaine.

Interested in Contributing?

We want you to be involved and engaged with what we’re developing and are opening the newsletter up to member submissions! Please submit in APA format to by 11/12 for consideration in the December issue.

· Book or other media reviews: 750—1250 words

· Personal reflections on intersections between psychedelic experiences and counseling practice (may be published anonymously): 1000—1500 words

· Practical, ethical, or legal issues in harm/risk reduction and integration: 1000—2000 words

· Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion issues in psychedelics: 750—2000 words

· Brief literature reviews of specific psychedelics and their application in psychedelic-assisted therapy:  750—1250 words

· Have another idea? Send it along and talk with the Network Coordinator!

Winter 2022

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